Serving Local, State & Federal Government

Aarow Contracting, Inc. (ACI) is a General Contracting and Defense Projects small business that self-performs architectural finishes and other carpentry work within the Federal and Commercial Sectors. Focusing on the Healthcare and Defense Markets, ACI has specialized in Design-Build Renovation and New Construction for over 15 years. Regardless of the scope of the project, ACI is determined to meet the needs of clients of General Contracting and Defense Projects on time and on budget with safety and quality as the overall priority.

General Contracting and Defense Projects

SAFETY is Our Top Priority

At Aarow Contracting, Inc., our unwavering commitment extends beyond the success of each project to the well-being of our dedicated team members involved in and around the worksite. Prioritizing safety as a core value, every member of our staff holds OSHA 30 Certification, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of occupational health and safety standards. In addition, our team is equipped with First Aid and CPR Certifications, empowering them to respond effectively in emergency situations. Recognizing the dynamic nature of our industry, we go the extra mile by offering continuous education and ongoing training programs for all our employees. This investment in their professional development not only enhances their skills but also reinforces our collective commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and excellence in every aspect of our work.


Justin Blair


As the President of Aarow Contracting, Justin Blair brings extensive experience and visionary leadership to the specialized general contracting realm. Known for strategic insight, Blair has played a pivotal role in shaping Aarow Contracting into a leading force in Maryland’s construction landscape. His passion for innovation and commitment to hands-on expertise ensure that each project reflects the company’s dedication to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With a focus on breaking away from conventional norms, Justin Blair inspires the team to seamlessly integrate innovative design and meticulous construction, delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations.

Jill McKay

Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager at Aarow Contracting,  Jill McKay brings extensive financial expertise and strategic leadership to the company’s specialized general contracting endeavors. Recognized for her insightful financial acumen, McKay has been instrumental in shaping Aarow Contracting into a prominent force in Maryland’s construction landscape. Her commitment to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction is evident in every financial aspect of the projects undertaken. Jill McKay’s focus on innovative financial strategies ensures a seamless integration of fiscal responsibility with the company’s commitment to excellence, contributing to outstanding results that consistently surpass expectations.

Sean Piland

Project Manager

Sean Piland is a driving force behind the success of specialized general contracting projects. With a wealth of project management experience, Piland plays a pivotal role in steering Aarow Contracting towards excellence in Maryland’s construction industry. Known for his meticulous approach and keen organizational skills, he ensures each project reflects the company’s dedication to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Sean Piland’s leadership style emphasizes innovative project management strategies, contributing to a seamless integration of diverse tasks and guaranteeing outstanding results that consistently exceed expectations.