Explore Aarow Contracting’s expertise in house renovations. From initial consultation to meticulous execution, trust us to transform your home with precision and style.

House renovation

1. Preparation and Planning

  • Client Consultation and Goal Assessment: Understand the client’s vision, preferences, and budget for the renovation project. Evaluate the existing space and identify specific renovation needs.
  • Design Collaboration, Budgeting, and Cost Estimation: Collaborate with our finance manager, architects, and designers to create a comprehensive house renovations plan. Develop a detailed budget that encompasses materials, labor, permits, and potential contingencies. Provide the client with a transparent and accurate cost estimate.
  • Permit Acquisition and Material Selection: Navigate the permitting process, ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations. Assist the client in selecting materials, fixtures, and finishes. Efficiently procure and coordinate the delivery of chosen materials.

3. Quality Control and Client Walkthrough

  • Regular Inspections and Issue Resolution: Conduct regular inspections throughout the construction process to ensure work meets quality standards. Address any issues promptly to maintain project integrity.
  • Final Touches, Cleaning, and Client Walkthrough: Install final details, such as hardware and accessories. Conduct a thorough cleaning of the renovated space. Walkthrough the completed project with the client to ensure satisfaction.
  • Adjustments Based on Client Feedback: Address any final adjustments or touch-ups based on client feedback during the walkthrough. Ensure the client’s vision is realized and any concerns are promptly resolved.

2. Construction Execution

  • Demolition, Site Preparation, and Structural Changes: Safely demolish and remove existing structures or elements. Prepare the site for new construction, addressing safety concerns. Implement approved structural changes based on the renovation plan.
  • Upgrading Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Upgrade or install HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to meet modern standards. Ensure compliance with safety and energy efficiency requirements.
  • Interior Finishing, Painting, and Exterior Enhancements: Install finishes, including flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures. Pay attention to detail to achieve the desired interior aesthetic. Apply paint and complete any necessary exterior enhancements. Address landscaping or exterior features if part of the renovation.

4. Documentation and Handover

  • Compile Documentation and Warranty Information: Gather all relevant documentation, including warranties and manuals for installed systems. Provide the client with a comprehensive package of information related to the renovation.
  • Handover to the Client: Hand over the renovated space to the client, ensuring all work is completed to their satisfaction. Confirm that the client is informed about the operation and maintenance of any new systems or features.
  • Post-Renovation Support and Guidance: Offer post-renovation support, addressing any concerns that may arise after the handover. Provide guidance on the proper maintenance and care of the renovated areas, ensuring longevity and client satisfaction.