Aarow Contracting’s expertise in metal roofing and our commitment to excellence begins with personalized consultations, guiding you through material selection and site assessments. From meticulous preparation to seamless installation, each step is a testament to our dedication to quality. Join us on a journey where your vision meets precision, and every roof becomes a symbol of resilience and style.

Metal Roofing

1. Material Selection and Site Assessment

  • Client Consultation: Engage in an in-depth consultation with the client to understand their roofing goals, style preferences, and budget constraints. Gain insights into specific needs, such as energy efficiency or weather resistance, to guide material recommendations.
  • Material Options: Present a range of metal roofing options to the client, highlighting the attributes of each material. Discuss considerations such as durability, aesthetics, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Provide samples and visuals to assist the client in making an informed decision.
  • Site Assessment: Conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing roof structure. Identify any structural issues that may impact the installation of metal roofing, such as areas prone to leaks or the need for additional support. Addressing these concerns at this stage ensures a smooth installation process.

3. Quality Control and Inspection

  • Thorough Inspection: Conduct a meticulous inspection of the installed metal roofing system. Examine each component, including panels, flashing, and trim, to ensure they meet quality standards. Pay attention to details such as tight seams, proper fastening, and overall structural integrity.
  • Issue Resolution: Address any issues identified during the inspection promptly and effectively. This may involve adjustments to improve alignment, additional sealing, or resolving aesthetic concerns. The goal is to deliver a metal roofing system that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations.
  • Client Walkthrough: Walkthrough the completed metal roofing project with the client. Provide an opportunity for them to inspect the installation, address any questions, and ensure their satisfaction. This step fosters transparency and client confidence in the completed work.

2. Preparation and Installation Process

  • Substrate Preparation: Prioritize the preparation of the roof substrate to ensure a stable foundation for the metal roofing. Address any existing issues like rust, corrosion, or damage. This step is crucial for the long-term durability and performance of the metal roofing system.
  • Metal Roof Installation: Execute the installation with precision, adhering to manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices. Secure metal panels systematically, ensuring proper alignment and spacing. Apply sealants where necessary to enhance waterproofing and thermal efficiency. Incorporate insulation to meet energy efficiency standards.
  • Flashing and Trim Installation: Install flashing elements around roof penetrations and edges to prevent water intrusion. Apply trim pieces for a polished and aesthetically pleasing finish. Attention to detail during this stage contributes to the overall appearance and functionality of the metal roofing system.

4. Documentation and Post-Installation Support

  • Documentation: Compile comprehensive documentation for the client, including warranty information, care instructions, and specifics of the metal roofing installation. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for the client’s reference.
  • Client Handover: Officially hand over the completed metal roofing project to the client. Provide clear guidance on maintenance practices, including recommendations for periodic inspections and care. Address any remaining questions or concerns the client may have.
  • Post-Installation Support: Offer ongoing support to the client post-installation. Address any concerns or questions that may arise, ensuring a seamless transition into the maintenance phase. This commitment to post-installation support reinforces the construction company’s dedication to client satisfaction and long-term partnership.