Project Description

Client:   Awesome Company
Location:   Mountain View CA 94043
Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Year Completed:   2014
Value: $250.000
Architect:   Jason & Perry

Situated in the heart of Mountain View, The Langham Hotel stands as a testament to grandeur and sophistication, being among California’s most expansive hotels. Boasting an impressive 450,000 square feet of new construction, this monumental establishment is a flagship project in Aarow‘s distinguished portfolio of Hotel Construction Renovation.

Embarking on the revitalization journey of The Langham Hotel, our team faced multifaceted challenges given the sheer magnitude of the undertaking. The project unfolded with a meticulous approach to transforming not just the exterior but the entire interior of the hotel. A comprehensive overhaul was executed, featuring a wide array of enhancements that contributed to the seamless blend of modern luxury and timeless elegance.

One of the pivotal aspects of this transformation was the strategic removal of walls, creating a dynamic and open layout that harmonized with contemporary design principles. The introduction of new restroom facilities became a cornerstone of the renovation, ensuring that guests would experience the epitome of comfort and convenience during their stay.

As the project unfolded, the artistic touch of our experts manifested in the vibrant strokes of paint that adorned the walls, creating an ambiance that resonates with both opulence and warmth. The careful selection of wall coverings added texture and visual interest, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

The intricate details continued with the integration of meticulously chosen tile and carpeting, elevating not only the visual appeal but also the tactile experience within the expansive space. The selection of materials and the precision in installation reflected a commitment to quality that defines Aarow’s approach to hotel construction renovation.


The Challenges

Undertaking the renovation of The Langham Hotel in Mountain View, one of California’s largest hotels with an expansive 450,000 square feet of new construction, posed a series of intricate challenges. As part of Aarow’s Hotel Construction Renovation portfolio, the comprehensive interior overhaul demanded meticulous planning and execution. The task encompassed the intricate process of wall removal, the installation of new restroom facilities, meticulous painting, the application of wall coverings, and the careful incorporation of tile and carpeting throughout the expansive space. The sheer scale of the project, combined with the need for precision in each detail, made this endeavor a testament to the complexity and expertise required for successful hotel renovations.


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